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What is 3D digital painting and texturing?

3D painting and texturing is becoming more and more complex, with visual effects artists being required to fulfill ever more ambitious creative visions. As the industry evolves, artists are increasingly in need of advanced software solutions that can deliver higher resolutions, deeper bit depths and more channels.

Painting in 3D has traditionally posed a number of headaches for the VFX artist. In the past, it has tended to involve dealing with a lot of technical issues, meaning that artists have typically had to spend more time being technicians and less time on being creative. Painting on large 3D model sets has also traditionally resulted in significant system slow-down as a result of the sheer amount of processing capacity required.

The Foundry’s ground-breaking paint and texture tool MARI helps take the hard grind out of 3D painting, with a unique layer-based approach that lets you paint directly onto 3D models, faster and more flexibly than ever before. Originally created to handle the ambitious look development and texture requirements on ‘Avatar’, MARI gives artists the freedom to create with limitless boundaries.

Why use MARI for 3D digital painting and texturing?


MARI is designed to eliminate technical barriers that typically restrict artists and give them the freedom to focus on creating really great art. Capable of handling vast numbers of pixels, MARI outperforms other 3D painting tools in speed, flexibility and processing capabilities. By seamlessly melding cutting-edge GPU rendering, data processing engines and state of the art image-editing tools, MARI puts the power to create firmly back in the hand of artists.

It's a Pirates! life for NUKE and MARI
© 2012 Sony Pictures Animation. Images courtesy of Aardman Animations.
MARI's magic brings Ara's Tale to life
Image courtesy of Martin Lubich
MARI gives Elder Scrolls Online's elven warriors a slick makeover
© 2013 ZeniMax Media Inc. Images courtesy of Blur.
MARI hammers out Thor
Thor. © 2011 Marvel Studios. All rights reserved. Image courtesy of Digital Domain.