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Overview VFX & animation Games

Creativity on an epic scale

Film and television audiences have never been more demanding than they are today. Whether you’re mixing live-action with hyper-realistic CG or working on a fully animated shot, your characters, environments and props have to look perfect. Designed to scale to the most challenging VFX or animation production, MARI delivers the creative tools you’ll love together with the performance, power and quality today’s extremely high-resolution assets require.

Artist-friendly paint tools you’ll love

3D painting has never been more fluid or flexible. Freely mix paint with procedurals, filters, color correction and masks in MARI’s powerful and intuitive layering system. Choose from MARI’s selection of preset brushes, work with familiar ABR Photoshop brushes or create any number of custom brushes. Whether you’re working with 3D projective paint or flat UV paint, MARI lets you focus on your creativity.

Develop your look with confidence

Knowing exactly how the painted asset will look in the final render is crucial; support for Arnold, V-Ray and Redshift shaders gives you the confidence that your textures will work as expected. MARI also features a fully integrated workflow with MODO’s advanced photorealistic renderer—and APIs that let you integrate a renderer of your choosing—so you can iterate faster to get the result you want.

Take huge complexity in your stride

With the ability to handle numerous UV tiles per object—or use a UV-less PTEX workflow— and with support for up to 32k textures, MARI offers virtually limitless detail while shielding you from complex file management tasks. And, MARI’s real-time Advanced Viewport keeps up with over one million polygons for a single mesh, supports animated geometry, and offers a realistic physically based preview.

The perfect fit for your pipeline

While every VFX pipeline is different, MARI fits right in, with support for open standards like OpenColorIO and OpenSubdiv, and formats like FBX and Alembic. What’s more, with extensive APIs and Python scripting, you can customize MARI to suit your needs. And, with a choice of Linux, Mac OS X or Windows 64-bit executables, there’s no need to support a mixed-platform environment.

We were immediately very impressed by how well MARI handles multiples of very big textures. We also really like all the paint tools such as the easy to use warper and the different clone tools. When we first saw it we thought, 'at last here's a 3D paint package that might do away with the need for Photoshop.
Fredrik Sundqvist, CG Supervisor, Baseblack