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MODO 10 Series FAQs

What’s new in MODO 10.0?

MODO 10.0 offers significantly enhanced workflows for creating real-time content for games, or for other immersive interactive experiences like virtual reality. Highlights include the ability to author in MODO and be confident that your assets will look virtually the same in Unity or Unreal; a streamlined, repeatable texture baking workflow that takes the pain out of putting realistic detail into your real-time assets; and new ways to export to popular engines featuring simple, automated steps that minimize the need to recreate work.

What’s new in MODO 10.1?

MODO 10.1—the second installment of the MODO 10 Series—introduces a powerful, flexible and robust new procedural modeling system that works side by side with MODO’s best-in-class direct modeling toolset. Artists can now iterate more freely; create more variations in less time; and respond to change requirements without having to start from scratch.

What’s new in MODO 10.2?

With the third and final installment, MODO 10.2, MODO now offers an unmatched set of 3D asset creation tools that provide the ideal environment for exploring creative options. Highlights include a faster, easier MeshFusion toolset that works hand in hand with an extended procedural modeling system; the ability to package, share and reuse assemblies; and new automatic retopology.

How much does MODO 10 cost?
  • New seats (individual or floating): $1,799 / £1,199 / €1,459
  • Upgrades from MODO 902 or earlier: $499 / £329 / €419

If I’m on an earlier version of MODO, can I upgrade directly to MODO 10 series?

Current users on MODO 902 or any version prior can upgrade to the MODO 10 Series for $499 / £329 / €419. You should see the upgrade option when you visit the Buy MODO page. If you do not see this option and own a previous version of MODO, please contact

How can I get my MODO 10 Series update if I’m an annual education customer or on maintenance?

As a an annual education customer or a customer on maintenance, you can get the update from our downloads page, where you will also find MODO 10 assets and sample content. As always, our support team is ready to help with any issues you may have with downloading and installing the update.

How will MODO 10.0 customers get the update to MODO 10.1?

MODO 10.0 customers can download MODO 10.1 from the MODO product downloads page.

Will MODO 10 be included in the COLLECTIVES?

Yes. MODO 10 is included in the Production and Creation COLLECTIVE, including the education versions. If you are a COLLECTIVE owner and would like to upgrade your MODO, you can download the latest version at your convenience.

Is MODO 10 Series supported on Windows 10?

Yes. MODO 10 Series is supported on Windows 10.

Will MODO 601, 701, 801 or 901 be supported on Windows 10?

No. There is no ongoing development for those versions of MODO and support for Windows 10 will only be tested from MODO 902 onwards.

What are MODO kits and plug-ins?
  • MODO kits are productivity-enhancing packages that combine scripts, streamlined UI, plug-ins, learning materials, and/or smart content to accelerate certain task-specific workflows. Kits are created by both The Foundry and by third-party developers.
  • MODO plug-ins generally offer completely new functionality that extends the capabilities of the core technology of MODO. MODO plug-ins are usually created by third-party developers who specialize in a particular science.

Will all the current plug-ins, kits and training series work with MODO 10 Series?

Most plug-ins, kits and training were tested with MODO 10.0v1 and should work fine. We will update the web pages for individual kits or plug-ins that are found to be incompatible.

Where can I get help with installing and licensing MODO?

Refer to the online help for licensing and installation. 

I’m used to working in another 3D animation software; how do I get started with MODO?

We’ve created a series of short videos that build on what you already know and help you get started in MODO from a Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage or Cinema 4D perspective.

Where can I find tutorials and additional learning materials for MODO?

Check out our learn MODO page for many different ways you can get the information needed to get started.

If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ above, contact the relevant team from these options:

For any licensing queries please contact

If you have any technical issues or problems with payment, complete a support contact request form.

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