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FURNACE is a sophisticated suite of over 40 2D image-processing plug-ins designed to enhance workflow and boost productivity for digital artists.

Drawing on over eight years' research into advanced image-processing algorithms, FURNACE provides a wealth of tools to help the VFX artist tackle everyday compositing tasks with ease and speed.

Including tools for wire, rig and flicker removal, retiming, grain reduction, dust-busting, image stabilization, auto rotoscoping and much more, the FURNACE family of plug-ins helps take the hard work out of compositing.

Retiming and speed ramping

KRONOS and MotionBlur take the grind out of shot retiming and let you manage motion blur with ease. You’ve also got tools at your disposal for generating vectors for use in other plug-ins and for converting vector information from other applications, vastly speeding up the compositing process.


Noise and grain management

Using FURNACE’s DeNoise and DeGrain, you can eliminate image noise and grain from a sequence without softening the image. The ReGrain tool lets you take grain sampled from one clip and apply it to another to create large regions of new grain, which can then be added to your target footage.


Shot stabilization and alignment

Our shot stabilization and match-moving tools are some of the most powerful in the FURNACE arsenal.

Steadiness automatically tracks and removes translational and rotational camera shake, without requiring the user to select tracking points. This is particularly helpful if you have insufficient stable points for conventional tracking, or where good data points continually move off the screen during a sequence.  It also allows motion-smoothing to remove high-frequency camera shake without affecting the underlying camera motion, and can be used to remove minor scale and perspective shifts.

FURNACE’s Align tool assists with basic stabilization and match-moving, making it possible to line up two images without having to select tracking points.


Shot cleanup and restoration

FURNACE gives you a range of tools for cleaning up shots, including plug-ins for removing wires and rigs and easy-to-use features for eliminating scratches, dirt and flicker. MatchGrade puts paid to the time-consuming task of having to match colors manually, automatically modifying the color histogram of an image to match a reference image.


Color channel and texture management

FURNACE provides unparalleled flexibility for manipulating color channels and for managing textures, both on a small and large scale.

The toolset incorporates a texture generation plug-in for creating large images from small sample textures - particularly useful for creating crowd scenes - together with one for use on small-scale textures. Other features enable you to automatically remove misalignment of the three color channels in an image, or to repair a damaged channel by using information from the others.

If you’re dealing with shots involving hair or fur, ColorMatte is invaluable for helping to key off arbitrary backgrounds. The Contrast tool lets you extract hidden detail from dark areas of an image without overexposing the bright areas.


Motion management

MotionMatch uses our global motion estimation to track surfaces in a sequence and replace them with repairs. This technique can be used to remove fixed markers, or to track new detail into a sequence.

MotionMatte uses a combination of motion estimation and auto rotoscoping technology to automatically segment a foreground object from its background and generate the foreground with background color fringing removed, together with its associated alpha matte. 

Lastly, MotionSmooth uses motion estimation to rebuild all the frames in a clip to help you clean up temporally changing artifacts in a sequence -  particularly useful for damping down the boiling that can occur on painted or cartoon images.