In this section we aim to provide you with all the information you need to understand how your license works, and what to do if you experience any problems.

If you can't find the information you're looking for, please contact our Support team who will be very happy to help.

If you are encountering problems with your licensing, please download the Foundry License Utility (FLU), run it on the affected machine(s), then follow the instructions below to report the diagnostics to us.

Reporting diagnostics

Mac and Windows users

  1. In the Diagnostics tab of the FLU interface, click Run Diagnostics 
  2. Save the output file
  3. Click Save to write out a text file we can use to assist you when you visit

Linux users

  1. Open a terminal prompt, navigate to the directory where you saved the FLU and 
  2. Run the command: ./FoundryLicenseUtility -d
  3. Save the file 
  4. Click Save to write out a text file we can use to assist you when you visit


The Foundry Licensing Tools User Guide tells you everything you need to know about licensing Foundry products. Download the Licensing Tools User Guide here.

Managing floating licenses

In order to use a floating license for products you need to install Foundry License Tools (FLT) on your license server. (Do not install these on client machines).

The FLT contains both FLEXlm and RLM license servers so they can be used to manage floating licenses for all The Foundry software.

Please refer to the Foundry Licensing Tools User Guide for instructions on how to run the Foundry License Tools and float licenses on your network.

Note : 

We do not recommend using a mobile server, like a laptop, that doesn't meet the following criteria : 

1. Static IP
2. Static Hostname
3. 'Always on' status so clients can connect to the server over a LAN
4. DNS enabled
Problems will occur if you choose to use a macbook pro as a server, as it will not meet criteria point 2 above, and it will change hostname constantly when plugged into different networks.  This will need to be resolved by your Network or Systems team to resolve any hostname resolution issues that are found.