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Welcome to the NUKE 8.0 Beta

This beta version of Nuke and NukeX should run using your existing Nuke license keys (i.e. nuke_i and nukex_i) that have current maintenance.

If you have general issues to do with licensing or legacy bugs, please contact The Foundry Support team:

If you have any feedback on the Nuke 8 beta that you'd like to share with us, please use our private mail box: We will review issues reported to this email inbox, and if further information is needed, we will contact you directly

Please use a feature identifier in the beginning of the Subject line, it helps the members of our development team keep track of issues that are relevant to them. For example:

"[FILTERS] - great results with Lanczos4"

Please do not discuss the beta version outside of this (i.e. do not mention it on social media, public forums, the nuke-users@ / nuke-dev@ / nuke-python@mailing lists, etc).

Thank you for your assistance and continued support and enthusiasm for NUKE!

Access to this beta is exclusively available to current NUKE maintenance customers. To avoid disappointment and ensure your feedback reaches the right ears, please avoid discussing the beta in the public domain.

Open splines

The new Open Spline tool is available in the Roto and RotoPaint nodes, and can be found at the bottom of the left viewer toolbar Roto tool menu. There is currently a placeholder icon showing a thick white curve.

Drawing an open spline

Just like the other Roto shape tools, you can add an open spline by selecting it from the left Viewer toolbar, then clicking (and optionally dragging) in the Viewer to start drawing the spline.

Hit Enter or Esc to exit open spline creation mode.

Viewing open spline width

The open spline width is displayed as a closed, solid red line surrounding the open spline. It is called a ‘hull’ in Nuke, and It is equidistant from the central spline line along its length (besides from a few specific cases).

There is a drop-down in the top Viewer toolbar to adjust the visibility of the spline hull. The following options are available:

  • on selection
  • on drag
  • always [ default ]
  • never

* the standard Roto/RotoPaint ‘hide curves’ toggle button overrides the above setting

Controlling open spline width

There are a number of ways in which you can control the width of an open spline. You can set an ‘overall width’ and a ‘per point width’, which work together to give you your final width.

Overall width

There is an ‘overall width’ knob in the top Viewer toolbar when the open spline tool is selected. The same knob also exists in the Shape tab of the Roto / RotoPaint control panel.

This knob sets the base width for every point in the open spline. It can be adjusted..

  • in creation mode (when the tool is selected), before you have started to draw the spline
  • in creation mode, in the middle of drawing a spline
  • in selection mode, whilst one or more open spline(s) is selected

* When the open spline creation tool is selected the overall width value will remain at what it was from the last created or selected spline.

* If multiple open splines are selected, the overall width knob will have a black background and show the highest value of all the splines selected. When adjusted, all selected splines will be set to the same value (the same workflow that exists in the current Roto/RotoPaint node for per-shape settings).

Per-point width

The per point width works as a relative delta difference of the overall width, so you can expand or shrink the width on a per-point basis.

It can be adjusted by selecting one or more spline point(s) and dragging the green handle in either direction along the green line. If more than one point is selected, each point will be adjusted by the same amount of change as a delta on their existing width.

You can reset the per-point width by selecting the point(s) and choosing ‘reset width’ from the right-click menu.

Controlling open spline feather

Overall feather, and Per-point feather

The overall feather (found on the main control panel tab) and the per point feather works in the same way as the width options described above.

The feather is shown as a stippled hull line in the Viewer.

Per point feathering can be adjusted by selecting one or more spline point(s) and dragging the purple handle in either direction along the purple line.


The overall width / feather and per-point width / feather Animation animation works in the same way as standard Roto curve shape and knob animation.


Smooth and Cusp

You can smooth and cusp each point as you would do with a standard Roto Bezier curve point.

Adjusting the shape of each open spline start and end points

There are drop-down menus for each shapes start and end points. The two options are:

  • round
  • flat