The Foundry Support. We're here to help.

We know how critical getting timely help can be when you’re on a deadline, so with the best support team around (or so our customers keep telling us), we make sure we are easy to contact and quick to respond.

Our team provides support from our UK and US offices for our customers on maintenance. To find out more about maintenance and how to renew, visit our maintenance page.

You can contact us via our new Support Portal which provides: 

  • Maintenance customers with access to our dedicated product support team
  • Visibility on your existing support requests for an individual or company level (maintenance customers only)
  • Ability to report a bug report or raise a feature request with the team
  • Access to our knowledge base of useful product and license information

Get more of an insight into how our support team help our customers below.


How can we help?

Working as a Creative Director is all about providing good service and gain the trust of my clients. Good software is built by the trust of its users. I feel like The Foundry has, by far, the best software support I have ever seen. They are fast, reliable, helpful and will do everything in their power to solve problems. I trust The Foundry and because of this my clients trust me. The Foundry is my secret weapon...
Hugo Guerra, VFX Supervisor & VFX Creative Director

Customer support policy

If you've ever wondered what happens to your support request, or want to know how we handle different types of problems you may encounter, then read our Customer Support Policy Document.

Annual upgrade and support programme

If you have purchased support and maintenance, we advise that you read the terms and conditions of the Annual upgrade and support programme. These define the level of customer support you can expect and your access to product releases during your maintenance period.